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Set of 2 Fish-shaped Plates

    Set of 2 Fish-shaped Plates

    29.00 $CA
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    Enhance your tables with this exclusive set of fish-shaped plates, meticulously crafted from olive wood. Beyond their refined aesthetic, these plates are the result of an eco-responsible choice, combining design and durability:

    Bio Material: Olive wood is a renewable natural resource, reflecting a commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly consumption.

    Natural Antibacterial: The dense nature of olive wood offers antibacterial properties, making these plates more hygienic compared to traditional alternatives.

    Authentic Origin: Manufactured in Tunisia, at the heart of the Mediterranean, these plates reflect the heritage and expertise of passionate artisans.

    Thermal Insulation: Ideal for serving all kinds of dishes, these plates effectively retain the heat of hot dishes and the freshness of cold dishes.

    Originality: The natural veins and patterns of the wood ensure that each plate is unique, adding a distinctive touch to every meal.

    Choose to combine elegance with authenticity with this set of plates. A true asset for all your occasions, whether intimate dinners or grand celebrations.