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The Crafting of Olive Wood

Olive wood is extremely difficult to work with due to its hardness and the knotted nature of its grain and fibers. One of the most challenging aspects is the slow growth rate of the olive tree. While neighboring trees like pine or even oak grow relatively quickly, the olive tree takes many years to develop. In Tunisia, particularly in the region of Sfax, the olive tree is highly revered, and its cultivation is deeply rooted in local traditions. This is why my work focuses on valuing and preserving this noble raw material.

The Artisanal Work of Olive Wood

The production of olive wood items is an artisanal process. Artisans use machines, especially for cutting the trunk. The trunk is cut into planks or blocks depending on the products to be made. The planks will be used to make cutting boards, while the cylinders will create various containers such as bowls, salad bowls, and olive wood baskets.