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The Exciting Story of Olivarts: A Journey Through Craftsmanship and the Beauty of Olive Wood


The adventure of Olivarts begins with an unwavering passion for craftsmanship and a deep admiration for olive wood. Founded in Quebec, our company was born from our desire to share the beauty and authenticity of this exceptional material with the world.
We are a family business, guided by respect for artisanal traditions and a commitment to preserving the natural richness of olive wood. Each piece we create is the result of meticulous work, handcrafted with care and attention in our workshop.
At Olivarts, we are dedicated to offering our customers products of exceptional quality, infused with the Mediterranean spirit and unmatched durability. We carefully select each piece of olive wood, ensuring that it tells a unique and authentic story.
We take pride in our respect for olive trees and nature. That is why we ensure to use only non-productive trees for our creations, contributing to the preservation of this precious resource.
Over the years, our company has grown, but our commitment to excellence and our passion for craftsmanship have remained unchanged. We are grateful to our customers and community, who have supported us on our journey.
Today, with Olivarts, our mission is to continue bringing a touch of Mediterranean elegance into every home while preserving the very essence of traditional craftsmanship. We look forward to introducing you to the elegance and timeless quality of Olivarts products.